Book Review: They Might Be Demons by Max Booth III

They Might Be Demons. Well, what can I say? Prepare to enter into a smorgasbord of the bizarre. Max Booth has Satan on the brain and a host of other monstrosities too. Werewolves, zombies, Zombie Hitler and even the Wendigo (Canadian Content approved) are featured. You’ll get it all here. It’s a flash fiction anthology, but the drama (and comedy) connects together in a grand story arc that will have you flipping the poo out of your Kindle. It was like I was the little school girl I’ve never been once again. I had such a great time reading this and could not stop screaming, “High Five, bro!” whist digesting this book. Must I say more? Prepare to laugh and cringe as you devour this tome. It’s like an Indian buffet of terror and laughs, but don’t take my word for it… just get it today and chow down, wide load. Hail Satan!

– M.C. O’Neill